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Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

The Easiest Way to Grow Your List Ethically

Every online business owner or entrepreneur believes that the real money lies in the list, and in most cases, they’re correct. The concept may seem obvious to some, but for others, it’s not easily understood. Simply put, it’s important to put together a list of people who may want to buy what you’re trying to sell. It can be hard to grow a list, but it’s simpler if you offer people something of value in exchange for their email address. Read on to learn how to use PLR products to build a solid email list.

The List: Why It’s Important

An email list gives you a group of people to market your products and services to, and it’s the first step to making a substantial online income. Using affiliate marketing PLR articles can quickly help you grow your list, and PLR can be cheap if bought in bulk. PLR can be free, exclusive, limited or unlimited, and it can cost anywhere from $1-$200 per item.

PLR products from top PLR product store are a great source of ideas, but the content has likely been downloaded thousands of times—meaning that it’s not very fresh. You can’t use PLR as it is, because everyone who downloads a PLR books package will have the same content. It’s your responsibility to rework the content; duplicate content can hurt your credibility as a website owner.

Why You Should Use PLR

Using content plr from websites means that you can buy a package and use its articles to create unique products without the need to build a product from scratch. For instance, if you buy a high quality plr articles pack on top travel destinations, it may offer articles on travel safety and travel guides. You can expand on the information within these articles, creating multi-page reports that you can offer customers in return for giving their email addresses.

Creating a Follow-Up Series

If you sell products online, you should keep in touch with your buyers. A good way to do this is to find resell rights ebooks or some licensed articles, and break them down into individual tips that you can share with customers weekly through an autoresponder. Within the emails you send, include links to your plr video content or your affiliate marketing products.

Build a Newsletter

A recurring problem for those trying to build email lists is deciding what to send in subscriber emails. PLR printables free is a good source of ideas; articles can usually be had for about $1 each, or you can get a 30-page report for about $20. This small investment can yield months’ worth of content for your email subscribers.

Break the content down into short, easily readable pieces. An article with seven tips can be turned in to a series of seven emails, each with an explanation of that week’s tip and a lead-in to the next week’s email. You can use PLR to create bonus content for your subscribers, such as how-to guides and reports. Offering an exclusive download can dramatically improve your response rate, and your subscribers will look forward to receiving your next email.